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VAX/VMS Emulation Solutions
from Stromasys, SA

The Hewlett-Packard Open VMS Systems group confirms that Stromasys, SA has developed a VAX emulator that prolongs the usability of HP OpenVMS VAX and MicroVAX applications by enabling their transfer to new hardware platforms without any conversion effort. CHARON-VAX emulates a complete MicroVAX system on an OpenVMS Alpha, Linux, Windows XP or Windows 2003 platform, allowing OpenVMS applications to run unmodified.”

The CHARON-VAX family of products are software applications emulating a complete VAX hardware system. The emulated components in CHARON-VAX are an exact model of the corresponding VAX hardware, which is “mapped” on the functionality of the host system where CHARON-VAX runs, thus creating a complete “virtual” VAX system. This virtual VAX permits the installation of an original VAX operating system such as VAX/VMS, NetBSD or VAXELN on a modern system, and then the immediate execution of existing binary VAX code. The applications can be copied in binary format. Due to the fact that the VAX hardware is emulated (and not the operating system) the application user interface stays exactly the same. The emulator is not restricted to a specific VAX operating system. Using access points in CHARON-VAX’s virtual components, existing VAX applications can be connected to new applications on the host system without making any changes to the original VAX code.

CHARON-VAX/XL is an emulator for the Windows 2003 platform with 512 MB emulated VAX memory.
CHARON-VAX/XM emulates a VAX with 128 MB memory on a Windows 2003 platform.
CHARON-VAX/XL Plus and the XM Plus provide high-speed VAX emulation by means of Advanced CPU Emulation (ACE) mode for up to 15+ VUPs (XM/XL) or 100+ VUPs (XM+/XL+) system performance depending on the host system’s configuration.
CHARON 66x0 will replace VAX 6000 & 7000 systems with up to six SMP processors and 3GB of memory

Based upon the experiences of our installed base (see, also, Success Story!) Platton Technologies estimates the performance of the CHARON-VAX emulators on HP (MS Windows 2003 Server) hardware of over 120 VUPS!

Preserving your software investment across hardware generations.

The Hewlett-Packard company is providing, “extension licenses for the CHARON-VAX environment, allowing the OpenVMS VAX operating system and OpenVMS VAX layered products and licenses to be transferred to the CHARON-VAX environment.

HP Services will support the HP OpenVMS VAX software on the CHARON-VAX emulator running on HP systems only.
Existing software service contracts are valid on supported OpenVMS VAX applications running on the emulator.
HP will fix software problems if they are also seen in the comparable VAX environment.”






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