Eighth Annual California Information Management Conference and Exposition

April 9-10, 2008

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The CHARON emulators are software packages that provide a hardware abstraction layer of a specific computer system. The system CPU (instructions, registers, memory, interrupts) its internal structure and many of its peripherals are emulated as a complete, customizable unit using the hardware of a host platform. The purpose of the CHARON
emulators is to migrate operating systems and application software to a modern system, without requiring binary compatibility or code conversion of the existing software.

All CHARON-VAX emulator products are manufactured by STROMASYS, SA ( of Geneva, Switzerland. PLATTON TECHNOLOGIES is a California-based STROMASYS VAR (Value Added Reseller) and GOLD Support Provider for North America. PLATTON TECHNOLOGIES are also qualified CISCO SYSTEMS, HEWLETT-PACKARD Company and MICROSOFT Corporation partners/resellers. Support for the CHARON-VAX emulator products is offered ONLY with a contract for VAX Life Extension(tm) services from PLATTON TECHNOLOGIES for system selection, installation and configuration. Customized quotations for VAX Life Extension(tm) services are provided by request.


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