Eighth Annual California Information Management Conference and Exposition

April 9-10, 2008

Visit Platton Technologies at Booth 308 for a demo of Clinicians Gateway

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About David Platton

David A. Platton (CEO of Krassons, Inc., dba Platton Technologies) is widely recognized in California county mental health circles as a trusted information systems expert.

He has been an IT consultant to county governments for over 42 years, during which time he has worked with Health and Human Services departments in California, Ohio and Texas.

In 1980, under the guidance of Santa Barbara County Mental Health administrators and clinicians, David and two of his fellow University of California students, Robert Poolman and Tony Shih, were selected to design and build INSYST – the first patient tracking and billing computer system to serve the needs of county behavioral health providers in the state of California. In accordance with their agreement with Santa Barbara County, the rights to INSYST were maintained by PSP (Poolman, Shih and Platton) which was founded in 1982. PSP’s first INSYST client after Santa Barbara was San Francisco County. By 1994, INSYST was in use at mental health departments in 35 California counties as well as Harris County (Houston) Texas and Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) Ohio.

In 1996, PSP was acquired by the United Health Group (UHG), a “Fortune 100” company. As a new division of UHG’s subsidiary company, United Behavioral Health, operations continued under the name of Oakland Technology Group (OTG). Three years later, OTG merged with the Echo Management Group. The Echo Group has been providing outstanding information system products and services to over 500 nonprofit organizations, government agencies and for-profit entities across the United States and Canada since 1980).

Since the sale of PSP, David has continued to provide technical expertise to INSYST and ShareCare Users Group member counties as well as to United Health Care, United Behavioral Health and The Echo Group. Currently, he divides his time between the service of government IT consultation contracts and new product development with his team at Krassons.






































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